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Love these and all of your recipes! Thanks, Kate! What a fabulous round up! That sounds incredible! I brought 13 Brussels Sprout Slaw to Thanksgiving last year and it was the run-away hit!! I think I am in love with every single recipe on this post! Thanks, Jennifer! These would definitely liven up any table! I love so many of your recipes! Another option, while not a Cookieand Kate special, might be a whole roasted cauliflower.

Thank you, Lisako! I really want to try the cranberry sauce and goat cheese crostini and the sweet potato and kale soup and… It looks delicious and healthy! Such delicious veggie thanksgiving ideas! Have you ever considered a cookbook?


I for one would definitely buy it! Thank you, Hannah! I have considered a cookbook, stay tuned! This is such a beautiful round up of recipes Kate! Particularly that bright cranberry spotted cornbread, eep! All of it looks delicious! I had been feeling pretty Thanksgiving uninspired, but I am ready to get in the kitchen after seeing these!!

Dump-and-Bake Stuffed Bell Peppers Casserole

I have used many of your recipes for Thanksgiving. Please help me find a good one. Hi Frances!

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This one could be promising? I think the challenge with adding fruit is that the fruit might be done cooking before the sweet potatoes are cooked through. Good luck! Oh this is awesome. So many delicious recipes. Oh my goodness!!! I am taking notes and pinning like crazy reading over this gorgeous list!!

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  8. The brussel sprout and quinoa gratin looks to die for!!! I have made your broccoli cheddar quinoa version in the past and it was fab too!! Those roasted carrots look centerpiece worthy! And I want to cut myself a giant slice of your cranberry maple skillet cornbread! Your friends will be very very blessed! I love all of the recipes you put together!

    Always looking forward to receiving another email in my inbox ;. These recipes would work so well at a Christmas dinner too! I have to try the quinoa and Brussel sprouts gratin! Who says Thanksgiving is mainly for meat?! I absolutely LOVE any side dish, especially one that includes sweet potatoes! Loving the look of your pumpkin soup, Brussels sprouts and quinoa, and brown rice risotto!

    We do not celebrate thanksgiving here but so many inspiring recipes… Thanks for putting this together. Hi Kate! I just want to say thank you for making my life easier.

    Your cookbook and blog frequent my weekly meal planning, and the variety of foods and flavors we eat each week are outstanding. I made your West African Peanut Soup last night, and it was incredible! I admit, I was skeptical about a peanut butter based soup, but it was amazing!

    Chicken, Broccoli and Rice Casserole | McCormick

    Thank you for all your hard work and creativity. Elisa, thank you so much for your kind comment. Have a wonderful weekend. Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, the cookbook is full of great recipes as well. I highly recommend the cauliflower soup when you get the book! Can you send it to me? That recipe is actually in my cookbook, Love Real Food.

    If you have it, it is on page I highly recommend getting the book : It makes a great gift! I am so feeling the butternut squash soup and the risotto. Yes I am a big butternut squash fan :D Especially in this season. Which actually, as strange as it sounds, I thought was a very valid question because I can imagine how irritating it would be to watch that stuffed peppers video and drool when the juicy beef rice filling comes oozing out, knowing full well you have no peppers in your fridge.

    Feel free to substitute the capsicum, born and beans with other vegetables of choice — you need about 5 to 6 cups of diced veggies in total. Essentially, it starts by browning the beef with onion and garlic, then you add a ton of Mexican spices, rice and liquids then you give it a big stir and let it simmer away on the stove until the rice is tender. A great flavour absorber, quick to cook. And this Mexican Rice Casserole is the latest addition to my ground beef recipe collection. Other than Bolognese which is, without a doubt, the recipe I make most often! I have to stop.

    I love them all! Of course I do. Hungry for more? Subscribe to my newsletter and follow along on Facebook , Pinterest and Instagram for all of the latest updates.