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Hand and Wilson have unraveled the myths surrounding the Grand-Guignol to explain in unprecedented depth this unique phenomenon in popular theatre and horror culture. Hand and Wilson have had a major role in the renaissance of the form in academia and also in the professional theatre and media. Their research has enjoyed extensive media coverage and the plays the authors have published have been performed internationally.

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The result was an intense evening of theatre designed to terrify and titillate the spectator through a mixture of horror, laughter and the erotic. Maltby to write plays for it.

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Richard J. Their research has subjected the Grand-Guignol form, legend and subsequent influence to unparalleled scrutiny.

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This has been achieved through archival research in France, the UK and the US ; theoretical analysis and practical investigation in the drama studios at the University of South Wales and through touring productions. Independently, Hand has explored in depth Conrad's association with the British Grand-Guignol, which has included Hand directing and touring in the world premiere of Conrad's Grand-Guignol play Laughing Anne the script of which he will be publishing, with British Academy support, in the forthcoming Cambridge critical edition of Conrad's plays. Gray Watson [I.

Mary Richards [Performance Art Journal 88] Diana Newall and Grant Pooke [Routledge] Caryn Simonson editor [Berg] Alyce Mahon [Oxford University Press] Gianni Basso [Gribaudo, Italy] John Keefe and Simon Murray editors [Routledge] John Freeman [Routledge] Tracey War [Phaidon Press] Katarzyna Ancuta [Peter Lang] Michel Onfray [Adam Biro] Giuseppe Savoca [Castelvecchi] Patrick Campbell and Helen Spackman Insignificant Franko B Untouchable Franko B I Feel Empty Karoline Gritzner, This major collection explores the contested nature of love and eroticism, examining the ways in which erotic bodily pleasures have become central to contemporary consumer culture.

Mike Featherstone, Juan Carlos Ubilluz, This book will appeal to a large general audience as well as being essential reading for students and professionals.

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Anthony Giddens, Alyce Mahon, Through detailed analysis of a selection of material poetry, prose and statues , this book explores how imperial power, and the authority and accessibility of the Roman emperor, were constructed and contested through the representation of Caroline Vout, Here is the first major work published about sexuality and eroticism between males in Islamic society.

Arno Schmitt, Jehoeda Sofer, By placing the literary works of such writers as T. Eliot, Virginia Woolf, James Joyce, and Ernest Hemingway within the context of the changes that occurred in the visual arts, Modernist Patterns expands our understanding of literature Carol Siegel, Ann Kibbey, Drawing on relevant postmodern theories, and exploring the link between the dynamics of eroticism and esotericism, this book establishes the esoteric significance of the bawdy tales in R?

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