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He was the first step in my journey and kept me incentivised to stick at it. The women I follow on Instagram are also a true credit to my success. A couple of years ago I would never have thought it was something I would be able to do, but look at me now!

Get fit at any age - it's never too late to overhaul your lifestyle

For example, the fact that it strengthens my muscles, increases my life span and wards off viruses. I know a number of people with severe health issues and when I think about those people, a voice in my head tells me not to give up. I split this up into 20 mins of cardio, which usually involves skipping and high intensity exercises, followed by 40 minutes of mixed weights and bodyweight exercises - whether that be push ups, monkey bars, planks, squats or leg presses.

It gives me stronger legs and core muscles, and increases my upper-body lifts, which makes them look amazing, sexy and strong.

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I often prepare my meals at the beginning of the week, and it might be sweet potato and salmon, mackerel, pasta and broccoli, or delicious home-cooked rice with steak. It's a downward spiral.

It’s never too late to get fit, Norwegian study finds

So physical activity works, even if you've been sedentary for some time. And it's well worth doing. But how much do you need to do? That might mean around the home, or in the garden - and it certainly doesn't have to be in a brightly lit, noisy gym. But whatever you choose - Tai Chi or Thai boxing, chairobics or cheerleading - the activity you do needs to be consistent, in order to reap the benefits. And if the findings of the Scottish study are anything to go by, you'd be advised to recruit a friend or partner to go with, both for motivation and support and safety.

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  • And what about exercise type? Aerobic activity - brisk walking, cycling or swimming - is the gold standard, as far as government guidelines are concerned, but something that Laventure believes has been neglected in the UK is the importance of strength, flexibility and balance training.

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    Through his company, Later Life Training, Laventure trains health and fitness professionals to work specifically with older and frail people, addressing fall prevention, and those who have already had falls find a directory of qualified instructors at laterlifetraining. Unfortunately, this type of class isn't available in any of the major gym chains, as yet.

    Indeed, the average gym does little to cater for the needs of older, less mobile exercisers, perhaps rooted in a belief that it's 'too late' for them to get active. Not that programmes always need to be adapted … "We have the potential, even in advanced years, to enjoy very vigorous activity," says Laventure.


    So would David Shepherd, who attained a British record at the m indoor rowing championships last year 8. It's unlikely, I imagine, that you'll be bumping into either of them at a chairobics class any time soon.

    Later Life Training laterlifetraining. The Lifelong Fitness Alliance 50plus. The benefits But is it too late to improve your fitness and health once you are past the first flushes of youth? With workouts ranging from walking, cardio, strength training, Pilates, and yoga, this calendar will give you everything you need — including plenty of variety — to start getting in shape.

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    • Education is a gift at any age! Do you want to understand your hormones better , or finally figure out how protein works in the body? Do you want to know more about how muscle affects your metabolism? We are here to help.

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      All you need to do is be honest, be vulnerable, and learn more, and you will take better care of yourself and your family. Click here to cancel reply. Great article an so true. Thank you Chris for such wide variety of effective workouts.