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You can also select an area which is limited to a fence. Where your German Shepherd puppy can usually play, place the crate near there.

But allow your German Shepherd Puppy to play in that area only under the supervision, and you should not use this space for an adult dog because they are mighty and can break the playing field. To make things more interesting, if you have enough space at home or garden, I will suggest you place the crate and create a suitable space fenced area and put a door on it. Then teach to your shepherd how to go through the door because in the beginning, the shepherd can feel shy or have a fear of it.

What Kind of Temperament does German Shepherds Have?

The door Preferably Should not be open on both of the sides. Start slowly and teach your German shepherd how to use the door. You can encourage him by putting some rewards or his favorite toys on the other side of the door. When he gets used to it, he will have an ample space where he can walk around when you are not at home. This system will allow you to leave your Shepherd Home alone in the crate and he can have a walk around in the fenced area when he is bored to stay in the crate.

If you are leaving you German Shepherd In the garden sometimes it will create problems for the neighbors because the dog can start barking. If you schedule the feeding and exercise time properly, you can also control his potty and pee time. When a German Shepherd Dog Drinks water, it takes him at least 1 hour to digest and go through all the body.

It means that after a training session or playing your German Shepherd will need to go to the bathroom.

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While the digestive system shuts down when we sleep, If your shepherd drinks a lot of water before sleeping, it will need to go to the bath early in the morning or sometimes in the middle of the night. Feed your shepherd at least 2 — 3 hours before he goes to sleep then take the water and food away from him. It can be a big problem for a lot of people as everyone has a busy schedule, some people work from home and others go outside. Single people do not have anyone at home who can take care of their dog and married people usually work both.

Your Dog will need some help throughout the day when you will be at work. He will need to go to the bathroom or eat or drink something. In the beginning, many accidents can happen to your dog. Your dog can potty or pee on the carpet or scratch your items. If your Dog does potty on the carpet, the best way to prevent the smell and save the carpet is clean it soon as you can.

Are German Shepherds easy to train? - helloBARK!

Firstly you can remove the solid material then use some pet cleaning products to clean the carpet properly. Do not punish the dog if this has happened just let him know that you are not happy with that, and slowly he will understand.

I know this article is very long, but I am trying to help you in the natural way I can so keep reading. Socialization is one of the most important parts of dog training. Every dog must be socialized properly because the dog has to understand how to live with other people and recognize dangerous and friendly people. German Shepherd Is very protective dog towards his family and space.

He will not accept a stranger to come in his space or try to hurt the people he loves. But this can also create some misunderstandings and can be a cause of an accident.

German Shepherd Temperament: What’s it Like Owning One?

You are his teacher and his guide, he will always follow your lessons and this is your responsibility to do your best to teach him only good things. Socialization can be a slow process but you do not have to skip it because it will give you long term benefits. The best way to start socializing your German Shepherd Dog is starting at an early age. Younger you start the socialization easier it will be for you.

When your puppy will be 2 weeks old you should start to introduce him to new and different people each day. These people must be friendly and ask them to give treats and play with your dog if they want. You will be always the first person for him. Socializing will make your German Shepherd A better Guard Dog because he will clearly understand what to do when the danger is approaching. Introduce him to nice and kind people that will make him understand that not all the strangers are bad.

How to socialize a German Shepherd Dog. Step by Step Guide by admin Mar 22, Training. What do you need to know about a German Shepherd Dog before you get one and start the training? The owner has to be very patient, self-confident, and constant to train a German Shepherd Dog. Have you got enough money and time for him? But you will need some money for your Shepherd to take proper care of him. So how can you find enough time for your German Shepherd? What about the money? But do not worry you will know how to manage. What are their primary needs? House training should be the first step when you start training your German Shepherd Dog.

If he is good or doing bad? Do it for a couple of weeks. What if any accident happens? Bathroom break time The dogs are similar to humans because the age matters a lot in this. The same thing is with the Dogs. The age of the dogs put him on different physical condition. Here is a table: Time That He Can Hold The Pee Age Of The Shepherd 2 months old maximum of 2 hours 4 months old 4 hours 6 month old 6 hours Adult Complete control of his body but you should not push him to hold for a very Long Time If there is a particular situation, then you can ask your shepherd to hold a potty or pee for a long time; otherwise, you should not make him wait for more then 4 to 6 hours.

Reward and Praise System approach It is one of the essential parts of training a dog. Do not say it with a loud voice because it can make the shepherd stop the thing he is doing.

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The praising is to encourage Your Dog. Do not praise your dog if he is doing the wrong behavior. For example, you are in a hurry and you have to take your shepherd together. This exercise has to be repeated so your shepherd can learn. Here is a complete potty training guide Using the crate as a training tool Crate can be used also as a great house training tool. I have a good article also for busy people : How to keep your German Shepherd Busy while at work?

Your Total German Shepherd, A Pet Owner's Guide

How to keep busy a puppy in the crate? Choose some safe chewing toys.

Remember to close the fence door when you leave. Also, make sure that your dog has food available when you are gone. You have to make sure that you exercise your dog every day so he can feel relaxed and not bark. If you work smart, then you do not have to deal with difficulties. It means he can need urination 1 hour after he has drunk the water.