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Rather, they are purely spiritual beings who reside with God in heaven. Scripture gives us hints. Isaiah is addressed to the King of Babylon, but draws on the imagery of something far older—the fall of Lucifer.

Lectures by Samael Aun Weor

How you have fallen from heaven, morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations! I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.

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So it is from these fragments that we piece the story of Lucifer. It was pride that struck him down.

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We do, however, know that Lucifer led other angels in rebellion. Humankind was not shielded from his powers. Like it or not, Lucifer is a part of the human world, influencing it through unknown means, likely affecting every aspect of life as he tries to redirect the course of human destiny.

Three faces of Satan

We can begin to fathom his motivations by examining his actions in Eden, where he took the form of a serpent to deceive the first humans, promising the same thing he, himself, was after—to be like God. He was, and is, still trying to follow through with his original plan to occupy the throne of God. And in the short term, he reigns. Lucifer is often associated with hell. He is depicted as its ruler, with John Milton popularizing the concept of the romanticized Devil-King in his epic poem, Paradise Lost.

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Imagine falling in love with the most beautiful, perfect partner imaginable. Envision this person caring for you in every way, unconditionally loving you each and every second in a way that you can feel throughout the entirety of your being.

This person is a warm light cast upon your very soul, leaving you filled with relentless, eternal joy. That is but a billionth, of what Lucifer must have felt as he descended from his place before the throne of God, down through the heavens, and into the realm of man, where he was cut off from the face of God, forever grieving this incalculable loss.

But before we find ourselves feeling for this creature, it must be remembered that he chose this. How evil must a thing be to turn away from God, Himself, from the essence of what is good? It is unfathomable. This is the fire. This is the torture. This story shows us that nothing—not even the highest angel—is perfect enough to rule creation.

Even the highest created creature was just imperfect enough to think that it was perfect, to think that it knew better. This cleared the way from Paris to Marseille.

Lucifer - The Hate Inside

The event was of capital importance for that time. The promoters wanted the assurance of a blessing from the bishop. In the new Saint Charles railroad station, a large platform had been erected for an altar surmounted by a cross. On the brand new rails in the adjacent yard the locomotives were lined up for the episcopal blessing.

By multiplying the relationships of one to the other we hasten the move towards the mysterious unity of all the children belonging to the human family under the same God and the same Faith. May those who travel on this road be protected by the Angel of the Lord who always accompanies them and brings them back to the bosom of their families, happy to see them return. Then the Bishop intoned the Veni Creator, blessed the water and read the prayer for the blessing of locomotives, adapting for the circumstances the prayers intended for the Itinerary of Clerics.

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After this he descended, in cope and miter, towards the rails on which ten new locomotives, decorated with flags and foliage, must majestically pass. Embarrassing Dilemma This ceremony, however, provoked a particularly thorny incident that could have left the unfortunate bishop of Marseille in a very embarrassing situation.

How could one bless an engine rigged out in such an name! Fortunately, a solution was found.