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They, like us, do not let fear or a lack of confidence stop us from reaching our goals.

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Back then, this fearless, confident, awesome role model gave many females a new perspective on femininity and the role of women in society. Today, we have a new keeper of the Lasso of Truth.

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She is none other than Gal Gadot, who won the title of Miss Israel at the age of 18, and has had a successful modeling and acting career. She became a heroine, like Wonder Woman, when she stood up to naysayers from Lebanon who boycotted her movie, only because she is from Israel. On Facebook, she sent her love and prayers to the soldiers protecting her country from the sick acts of Hamas.

  • On Thanksgiving, the brotherhood — and sisterhood — of military service blooms at Lackland.
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This was accompanied by a picture of her and her daughter lighting Shabbat candles, deep in prayer. Gal Gadot, a Wonder Woman for our time. Sisterhood, wonderful Wonder Women for all time—confident, fearless, sharing love and peace and camaraderie and commitment.

May we all go from strength to strength and strengthen each other. Upcoming Sisterhood Events :.

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Sun, October 6 7 Tishrei Subscribe Here. Find out more about ShulCloud. Powered By ShulCloud Login. Sisterhood CSS Sisterhood brings together the women of our community through our varied programming. Sisterhood Religious Chair.

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Rabbi Abraham will conduct classes for six enlightening weeks of discourse. Join us at one or all of these classes. Class starts at am, coffee and cake will be served at 10am. Please contact Toby Lundy, Religious Chair, for more information. Sun Oct 6 a. Mon Oct 7 a. Tue Oct 8.

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Wed Oct 9. Thu Oct 10 a. Mimi will be discussing her latest book, When History is Personal , which contains stories of twenty-five moments in her life, each heightened by their connection to historical, political and social issues, be it Jewish assimilation, the women's movement or life in a long marriage. Princeton University Art Museum. Mission The mission of Sisterhood shall be to foster and further the highest ideals of Judaism as expressed through Congregation Beth Chaim, to promote closer fellowship among its members, and in cooperation with Congregation Beth Chaim, to provide religious, social and educational activities.

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