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The characters are varied and rich, and like the story itself, they play into archetypes without losing their individuality. Norbert and McBride manage to be both menacing and silly, and act as excellent guides as the story travels from the mundane to the fantastic. Khia herself fits the young hero role well, with an admirable inner strength combined with a sophistication that lets her face adversity without faltering. Readers grow with her as she learns to trust those around her and discovers the truth about who she really is.

Critically, the authors never pander to younger readers, and instead write with a clarity and respect that many in this genre fail to achieve. More importantly, when the last page was finished, the wait for part two already seems too long. Reviewed by Eric Anderson October 26, Disclosure: This article is not an endorsement, but a review.

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Between & Betwixt

The Hungry Ghost Festival in images. Interview with Wang Wen. Painting tutorial to celebrate the Spring Festival. Jan 18, Melanie rated it did not like it. Can I just say that this was the worst book I have ever read.

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I was drawn to the cover, and the plot synopsis made it seem so compelling, but do not fall for it. I repeat, do not fall for it. If you see this seemingly unassuming book on a bookshelf in your local bookstore, stop, back away slowly, no scratch that run! Just kidding, but seriously this book was god awful. The characters are these weird kids who one night all go to this weird party rave druggy thing.

They all take these drugs, and a Can I just say that this was the worst book I have ever read. They all take these drugs, and are kind of blissed out for a while. They supposedly have supernatural powers that bind them together, but I think that might just be the drugs speaking.

See a Problem?

You might even think that the drug aspect would make this book kind of a fun trippy read, but no! This book is so boring, and strange. Do not waste your time. I couldn't even finish this one. Jan 05, Emily rated it did not like it. I'm having a ton of trouble finishing this book. It seemed to have so much promise - in a post Harry Potter, Twilight series way - but, I fear those hopes were not met.

The story is incredible disjointed and not on purpose, I fear. The characters are underdeveloped, the motivations are vague and the exposition--jagged, at best. I will continue to try to persevere, but this could be another "Memiors of a Geisha" for me. Apr 22, Haleema rated it did not like it Recommends it for: losers, people who have no taste in books. Shelves: not-again , hate , cheese , bad-writing , half-wit-characters. I didn't even know I was reading an actual book until the th page came.

This is pure trash. I feel horrible for calling it trash. Sep 30, Haylie Davis rated it did not like it. I read this entire book with my own two eyes and I could not tell you for the life of me what the plot was.

Smashwords – The Betwixt Book Two – a book by Odette C. Bell

I read it once 10 years ago and once again just now and I still have no idea what was happening the entire time. May 13, Damian rated it really liked it Recommends it for: fans of more mature, literary YA fantasy. Shelves: genrebender , fantasy-fiction , unclassifiable , speculative-fiction , paranormal , physics , coming-of-age , ya-fantasy , clever-ideas , excellent-worldbuilding. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I'd like to begin by saying it's refreshing to read a YA novel that doesn't feel like a YA novel.

We go in expecting to eat these kinds of books like Pop Rocks — snap, crackle, swallow, done. There's some really good writing in Betwixt, make no mistake. There's nothing worse than feeling like an author is dumbing his or her writing style down to suit a particular demographic and you can glimpse the potential just beyond the carefully cropped adverbial phrases and occasional daring!

According to the author blurb in the back cover, [author] debuted with an adult novel, which I think I would like to seek out if the premise interests me.

The righteous are in a strait betwixt two

But back to what we're really here to discuss — Betwixt. Instead we have a surprisingly deep search for self in each of the three primary protagonists which culminates in a "rave" in the palm of a volcano's caldera where they learn they are in fact all changelings. We are told that you either are or you aren't one of these creatures, who must transition in a process called exidis to leave their corporeal mortal bodies and translate into a nonphysical, quantum existence in a world or plane beyond called Novala, where their consciousness will dwell eternally.

And that's just the teaser version of what's going on here. After a slow but excellent start where we get plenty of time to know Ondine, Nix, and Morgan, things begin to fall into place. The initial pacing is much more reminiscent of an adult novel than most YA fare on the table these days and each character is given back story and depth that inform their future decisions. Ondine's perfect life? Thrown into chaos by learning she is a changeling.

Nix's chaotic runaway disaster of a life? Thrown into focus when it occurs to him that he might be able to fix or change what he feels is wrong with him he sees auras of death. Morgan's desperate attempts to live a rich life beyond her trailer home in the absence of a sleazy drunken father? She always knew she was meant for better things and the hints of darkness in her finally come out in spades. At no point are any of them unsympathetic; they're very real people, portraits of people we are or have been or someone we know or knew at some point, on that universal quest for self knowledge and actualisation.

One of the things I found most enjoyable about this book was its seamless integration and explanation if its own unique vocabulary, which is revealed bit by bit to the reader as it is to the main characters. The introduction phase of the book is so skillfully written that I didn't even mind waiting to get to the meaty bits. So we have our changelings, which are born in human bodies, but are essentially a fay, spirit consciousness, waiting to ascend.

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  5. The changelings being guided are led by another changeling called a ringer, who informs and educates and prepares the "lings" in his or her ring. Unfortunately, not all changelings desire to leave their human lives. Some, addicted to the human world and human life, are called cutters, and they have no desire to transcend or leave their human lives behind.

    They represent a dark force working against the eternal existence of light changelings are meant to achieve. It is implied that humanity is not capable of reaching this state on its own and so changelings are a necessary part of a system that has been in place, being fine-tuned, ever since humans evolved consciousness, and that is where stories of fae and faeries and changelings come from. I know this might be starting to sound a little religion-y yikes!

    No Tinker Bell. A power, but fractured, manifold. But we need the human body, the human brain, to take shape, to organize ourselves for the higher spheres. Otherwise we would simply be diffuse energy, no more powerful, singular, or lasting than a puff of wind, a crack of static. Indeed, some actual string theory probably inspired a lot of these ideas along with a couple spiritual tenets. Buddhism and Vedic lore spring foremost to mind, definitely more of an Eastern spiritual influence if I'm right in thinking there's any quantum entanglement in it at all.

    Dec 21, Arielle Green rated it did not like it. Just the sound of the book sounds somewhat interesting am i right? Well the book is pretty interesting Basically thsi book deals with three teenagers who seem to possess these "special" powers that make them different from everyone else.